We are recognized for our commitment to exceptional service and for our dedication to building long-lasting relationships.

I have been a client of Abbe’s for more than 10 years now and have filled a number of administrative and management positions through WalterLane.  In the years that we have worked together, I have found Abbe to be extremely dedicated and attentive.   She has a unique ability to perfectly match the needs of her client with the personality and qualifications of the individual candidate.  Our relationship has been so successful that additional referrals have maintained her services and have found her to be the “go to person” when a position needs to be filled.  I would highly recommend WalterLane for any and all placements.

Faith G., Director of Administration
International Foundation

Working with Abbe is working with a trusted partner. She understood what I wanted and what I needed (not always the same thing) and helped me navigate the process of the search. Her work not only took a burden off me and my organization, it also helped us locate the best candidates for the position. I have not always been a fan of search firm work products, but I was when working with her.

Jonathan S., Senior Vice President
National Association

Abbe is a dedicated professional who goes the extra mile for both her clients and those she is looking to place. Abbe has a deep knowledge of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, its businesses, hiring practices and unique needs, and delights in finding the right fit for all involved.

Mary J., Office Manager

Wow, I never thought recruiting could be so painless. WalterLane helped me hire three staff members in a matter of 2 weeks. Abbe Walter is an expert, not only did she listen to my specific hiring needs, she also took into account the life experiences of possible candidates to measure their compatibility with that of our team.   She immediately starting sending high quality candidates that fit both the job description and skill set required. At the final stage of each hiring process, I always had multiple top candidates to choose from.

Diana D., Chancellor
International Non-Profit

When we work with WalterLane, not only are all the candidates they send completely competent and qualified to fill the position, the only job left for us is to choose our favorite amongst the favorites.  I do not know how Abbe Walter does it, but we certainly appreciate it.  It is a timesaver for our firm, but more importantly we end up with top notch talent.  Thank you.

Diane P., Office Manager

I have found Abbe to possess the unique blend of utter professionalism and personal warmth that make her an invaluable resource and pleasure to work with. From exploring opportunities to excellent interview preparations and on-boarding, she was just a phone call or e-mail away. Her network is extensive, and she has the good opinion of all who utilize her services. Finally, she stays in touch after the fact, and truly cares. So many companies are only interested in the final payout, but Abbe has always made me feel like an individual whose personal goals are the priority.

Jade F., Executive Assistant

Abbe was an essential tool for me in finding full time employment. Abbe guided me through the whole process. She was always available for questions and always gave me the best possible advice. I was completely confident and prepared for the interview with Abbe’s coveted help and guidance. Abbe is professional and diligent. She is dedicated to finding the right fit for her clients and for those she is trying to place.

Kate D., Executive Assistant

I had an incredible experience working with Abbe. Searching for a job is no easy task, but with Abbe’s expertise and guidance I felt reassured and confident throughout the entire process. She constantly worked with my hectic schedule to schedule interviews and phone calls. She makes herself available to you at all times, making sure you are prepared and knowledgeable before your interviews. You can tell after your first interaction with Abbe that she is genuinely invested in your abilities and skill set and that she will be able to find a company that will be a perfect fit for you. I would highly recommend Abbe to anyone who is searching for a job. She is the best!

Abigail G., Staff Assistant

Abbe was so wonderful to work with during my job hunt for a new career in New York City. It is no easy feat applying and interviewing for a job from across the country, however Abbe made the process simple and streamlined. Through excellent communication, helpful feedback and constant updates, she guided me through the process with ease. And, she genuinely cares about matching the company with the perfect candidate. I am very thankful I had Abbe to help secure my new position and highly recommend her to anyone seeking new career opportunities!

Stephanie H., Senior Marketing Coordinator